Raggedy Edge Series Drogues

Premium, custom series drogues for the ocean going sailboat (bridle not included). "Premium" means that the leading and trailing edges of each cone are hemmed with a reinforcing tape. The series drogue line is orange double braid. Cones are alternating orange and yellow (with contrasting reinforcing tape). This trim/reinforcing tape is not needed and you can build your own drogue without it. The chances are that you will never find a need to deploy a series drogue, but this premium assembly gives a pride of ownership when showing the drogue to your friends and crew. It is possible that your crew will find the premium assembly reassuring.
$20 per cone.

Series Drogue Chainplates (pair with backing plates)
Stainless Steel $450
Need installation help. Find a marine professional near you. 

Series Drogue Bridle for use with nylon anchor rode. $250

Mantus Catamaran Bridles with chain hook (external seller) for use with chain rode

Dinghy Series Drogue, 4 cones, bridle. $150

Dinghy Drogue Mini Chainplates.
Stainless Steel $245

Do it yourself and save. 

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