My experience with T-Mobile

Back in November 2016, I thought I would give T-Mobile a try. I visited the Tyler, TX office (on Broadway) to sign up. However, when I found that I could not transfer my current phone number (local number portability), I backed out and the T-Mobile staff cancelled my account.

I am retired and traveling, so it was not until April f 2017 that I noticed that T-Mobile has been charging me every month since then.

I called T-Mobile customer service and the tier 1 representative apologized and said I would be taken care of. She transferred me to another level where I spoke with Phil, he was able to allegedly cancel my service. He tried a bit of a sales pitch to get me to try T-Mobile service. And when I said no, he asked me if I was interested in getting a refund for the unused service. When I said that I did, he said there was nothing he could do and that I would have to contact the Tyler, TX store manager to get a refund and noted that "normally" I would have to visit the store in person to get a refund.  I asked if he could just contact the store for me and handle it from his end. 


So I called the Tyler, TX store manager. Left a message once, because the receptionist said the manager was in a meeting. I waited one day without a call back and called again. After a wait, the manager came on the line. I explained that Phil sent me to her for an "expedited sales ticket" to get my refund. She then kind of game me a sob story about how she's in meetings and so busy with a bunch of new store openings, but said she would deal with it and get back with me within 23-48 hours.

I waited 5 days with no word. Called and told that the manager was busy, asked if I could wait on the line for 5 minutes. I did. Waited 20 minutes before my call dropped. 

Fortunately, I use an Android app that records all of my phone conversations. It keeps a 30 day history. So I will export the audio files to MP3's and upload here. 

I this age of level of customer service, I find this whole situation truly astonishing from T-Mobile. Previous to this, I had a pretty good impression of the company.