Raggedy Edge Nautical Experiments
stern-to anchoring using Series Drogue chainplates, a Mantus bridle, and Mantus anchors

Junk rigged Pearson 367.

43' Spindrift Pilothouse near the Chesapeake. 
Super comfortable liveaboard, just too big to truly sail with small, unskilled crew.
We first tried Mantus anchors (45# and 85#) aboard this boat. We never dragged.

Southern Cross 28 furthering the engineless experiment
Setup to be simply robust. One of my all time favorite boats.

23' Aquarius our lake based, engineless sailing experiment.
First trials with stern-to anchoring in Wyoming katabatic winds up to 50+ knots
Primary ground tackle: Delta 25#

S/V Legacy, an O'Day 32 Center Cockpit. 
Great family liveaboard.
Primary ground tackle: CQR 35#

Between crab pots and hard anchorages, we came to distrust anchoring.