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Sailing as a means to achieving freedom
Weathervane anchoring techniques
Sailboat restoration projects
Wyoming lake sailing
Tomac Cortez mountain bike 
Mountain biking across the USA
Mountain biking as a "safer" version of motocross...except for the part where the protective gear is limited, you are miles from medical care, and are often beyond mobile phone service. 
The mountain bike is one of the most versatile forms of transportation. It can take you deep into the forests on hiking trails, blitz across wrecked urban terrain, cruise down to the grocery store, and ride pavement for many miles. You can carry it across fences or walls...try that with a motorcycle. You can ride it almost anywhere on national park service trails...excepting a few trails and Wilderness Areas. You can cover in a few hours what would be a day-long "forced march" of hiking. 
Ambidextrous Marksmanship
Next Generation Squad Weapon
Project Appleseed
Run and Gun
Motocross changed my life.
Motocross took me from a 98 pound weakling to a 140 pound athlete. 
Motocross taught me the crucial necessity of trusting my own judgment.
Motocross gave me a solid, reality oriented personal philosophy.  
Motocross inspired a lifelong interest in physical fitness...diet and exercise. 
Motocross gave me my first exposure to "flow."
Motorcycle Observed Trials took me from a mid-pack racer to a rider who could compete for wins
Strapping cameras to high powered model rockets
Volunteer work at the Mars Desert Research Station

World in Peril: The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th/72nd Reconnaissance Squadron

Now available to read for free online...

Audiobook reading of World in Peril

The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socionomics
Get FREE access to the book, Elliott Wave Principle. The key to retiring early and living as RV Nomads.
Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture: How Social Mood Shapes Trends From Film to Fashion (Socionomics-The Science of History and Social Prediction Book 4)

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I’m often distant from medical facilities, and frequently beyond phone service. Carry a Trauma Kit from Mountain Man Medical.