Motocross Glory Days

1992 Husqvarna 350WXE

recapturing my youth with a little scrub on my "modern" 1992 Husky

Leading Ken Hall in Georgetown, KY (photo compliments of K. Hall)

Scrubbing off height and setting up for turn on jump. Note Scott plastic motocross boots.

Can-Am Cornering Perfection...notice tiny roost off of front wheel

Flirting with buddy's hot camera babe

With fellow competitor Dennis Smith

Kick the cam-era

Park City, UT Mountain Bike National. Discovered MX bump and go tactics don't work so well (note abrasion on leg and soiled jersey).

Georgetown, KY airborne aboard Fast but unreliable Fox Shock equipped 1978 Suzuki RM250.

Scrubbing away height on Can-Am

Bustin' Berm in First Race Aboard Can-Am enroute to Semi-Pro Win at Pendleton MX Park

Didn't get the front wheel stuffed into the berm...almost high-sided.

Mark Laughlin


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