Ok, I can understand this individualism thing

For the uninitiated who visit my web site, those who have no previous exposure to libertarianism, objectivism or classical liberalism, you might be wondering just who the hell I am. This guy is a radical in defense of gun ownership, does that mean he's a beer bellied, redneck NRA member the press seeks to stereotype? This guy is organizing for western independence, does that mean he's a white supremacist seeking a "white homeland"? This guy homeschooled his children, does that mean he's a Christian conservative?

Well, I'm not a member of the philosophically crippled NRA, but I am an individualist philosopher in defense of firearms. I'm not a big drinker, but I do have a fondness for Warsteiner dark beer. And depending on if I'm getting some off-road riding in, my weight fluctuates between 165-180 pounds.

If Free State Wyoming is successful, it will not be a white homeland, but an individualist homeland. A homeland for those who do not advocate the initiation of force, regardless of race. Such a homeland would welcome Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, but offer little encouragement for demagogues like Jesse Jackson (the worst of racist). Such a homeland would welcome Aaron Zelman (of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) while discouraging supporters of the ADL. In short, we hope to draw those who have the civility not to use force against their neighbors, and, furthermore, those who are prepared to defend themselves from looters, rapists and aggressors.

A Christian? I reject not only the metaphysical and epistemological basis of religion, but Christianity's altruist ethical values as well. Christianity is supernaturalism, mystic faith, altruism, theocratic fascism/socialism, and art that demeans man. I hold the opposite in every branch of philosophy, I advocate reality, reason, rational self interest, capitalism, and man glorifying art.

I demand the government leave us the hell alone. Government should not inferfere with the sexual activities of consenting adults, nor should it interfere with capitalism between consenting adults. Government is not allowed to disarm citizens. It is not allowed to create governmenet subsidized churches, businesses, or schools. Government is not to prevent me from destroying (intentionally or accidentally) myself with drugs. Government is not allowed to force me to prepare for my retirement.

What then is government's proper role?

Well, first we must understand government's nature. Government, to borrow George Washington's style, is not eloquence, it is not persuasion, it is not reason, government is force.

Then the question arises, when is force justified?

My position is that force is justified only in retaliation and resistance to those who initiate the use of force. Therefore the only proper functions of government are the police to deal with domestic criminals, the military to repel foreign aggressors, and the courts to resolve disputes amongst men.

Ask yourself these two simple questions. Is murder, rape, robbery and kidnapping wrong? Does wrong become right if the majority approve? Now if this is new to you, begin your personal renaissance by exploring the sidebar issues.

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