Mean old MAL on board his 14 year old Husky

Post date: Aug 27, 2008 11:25:20 PM

Here's a video of MAL's old Husqvarna 350WXE along with some video clips of MAL working the old machine around the mx track at the Worland Pits.

The old Husky, though heavy, is still capable of doing a scrub off the jump to keep from going too high in the air. James Stewart is the master and true founder of this technique, although I accidentally learned something similar in 1979 aboard my Can-Am race bike. See the Motocross History FAQ section for my brief self-delusion, thinking that maybe I had taught this technique to James Stewart. But after you check out the video of my own little pathetic scrub, check out a YouTube video clip. There is a really killer scrub near the end.