RV Living Tips

RV Tips - After Decades of Minimalist, Nomadic Living
Lug Nut Wrench Torque Multiplier
to manage thos 500 ft lb tor
que lug nuts
Shurflo RV Water Pump to create a kit for loading water from carry jugs
25 Gallon Water Tank
Reserve water tank that ties into winterization circuit
Tight Spaces Trash Can
perfect for the toilet
Brass Handheld Shower Head Holder
More durable than plastic, but ends up needing a "splint"
I recommend checking out this product.

Why do you need EMP protection?

See Suspicious Observers' Cosmic Disaster video.
See Dan Bongino's episode where he mentions China and Russia EMP threat.
Washington Examiner: New grid threat: Russia deploys 'first-strike weapon,' and China ready too

The Russian Federation’s Military Doctrine, Plans, and Capabilities for Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Coleman Roadtrip Grill
Fits on one basement locker
50 to 15 Amp Adapter
our most used adapter
Carpet Cleaner
Every RV should carry a Trauma Kit from Mountain Man Medical for roadside emergencies as well as remote, boondocking emergency trauma care. Be sure to take advantage of the free Mountain Man Medical Emergency Trauma Care online course.