Vicki & Cartman

the best adventure kitties ever
The End of an Era

Got that Master and Commander thing going.
Cartman meets his peers in the nuclear technology field. Seems a bit disturbed by some inappropriate touching.

Cartman inhabits our coach

When underway, he is often watching the scenery pass by.
or just sleeping on the dash
or securing travel documents
or finding new awkward poses
Driver's side dash slot was a favorite.
Slot facing driver
holding the guidebook open
the standard couch position
He lost one of his fangs so sometimes his lip got stuck in a snarl.
The Cartman hug
Galley "feed me" stare.
Passenger seat dining. "Share some of that chilli".
A rough night in Mexico.
Watching cat videos with your cat, while he gets a hydration IV.
Chest rig, cheek to cheek.
At the dining table
Some of that please
Thwarted again.
Behind the sunshade
In the shower
A seat at the table (on the table if Tina is absent)
Perched on armrest
Sprawled on the sofa
Supervising the 1x11 drivetrain upgrade to my mountain bike
Waiting outside the shower or toilet
The standard armchair and recliner cuddle
Some gingers taste like...
Trying out the Tim Burton look
At the helm
Pirate Eye
Ready for shore leave.
Bouldering in WY
Guarding the doorway
Big screen lifestyle
You have to kiss a lot of toms to get a Cartman
Lap Nap
Yin & Yang
Dash veteran
Definitely prefers warm climates
Dash Surfing
On the road and seeking prey
Looking down on the peasants.
Vicki loves the hammock, even swinging.
Cartman was sick so Vicki groomed him.
Actually he was just kind of a slob, she often cleaned him when he wasn't sick. One time Cartman tried to saunter away and Vicki placed her paw on him and held him down until she was finished with the cleaning.
Vicki lines up her trophies just outside the coach.
The Vicki volcano can erupt at any time.
The cold is 1852 miles away
Vicki understands residual engine heat
Bath Betrayal
The Trail Boss