Bought a junk rigged Pearson 367. Going thru papers on board and I found these two photos of Ginger.

One year latter, one year sadder...

I am seeking the owner of the Thomas Colvin designed, junk rigged sailboat, Ginger.

I would like to know the owner's interest or lack of interest in selling her.

Ginger is a 29' 5" boat that is an expanded version of Thomas Colvin's Julia/Hobo design featuring 3' 4" draft and an unstayed mast. She is powered with a Sabb 10hp marine diesel.

The unique boat is suffering some neglect that could quickly turn fatal for a steel hulled boat.

Cheers Junk Rig Association for their assistance in my search and a big lead...

Atom Voyages notes Kim and Chris Brands aboard Ginger.

From LinkedIn

Christopher Brand

Sailor at Large

Company Name: SV Ginger

Dates EmployedMay 2001 – Nov 2002 Employment Duration1 yr 7 mos

Prepare/maintain a small, steel sailboat for cruising. Sail the waters of South Florida and the Bahamas. Make lots of friends. Snorkel, hike, eat, sleep, etc.

I was able to reach Chris Brand via LinkedIn and exchange a few emails. Chris no longer owns Ginger so I will have to seek out the next one in line.

Using the Wayback Machine, I was able to locate Chris and Kim's writeup about their year long voyage aboard Ginger. Excellent story with a very engaging writing style.

Chris noted that he sold Ginger to a Vojko Zuanic.

Some searching turned up the following address:

***************** Street Map

Fort Lauderdale Florida 333**

Ft Lauderdale is the hailing port on Ginger's stern, so it seems possible that Vojko may still own her. Vojko seems to have no onlne existence. Some sketchy looking people finder sites claim to have his phone number, but I loath to put my payment information into their hands.