Kirwin Gold Mine


Video Tour of Kirwin

A foot tour of the abandoned Kirwin Gold Mine.
No velvety ropes to keep you from ending yourself.
No Forest Service Rangers to protect you from the Grizzlies.
Very few people make it to this Wyoming treasure.

From Motorhome Campsite to Kirwin

Just after the campsite, the road crosses Wood River. Between the water and river rock, this usually requires a 4WD vehicle. The road from the campsite to Kirwin is generally in pretty good shape otherwise. Equestrians will haul their horse trailers to Kirwin with a capable 4x4 pickup towing. From the last conventional vehicle campsite, it is 6.2 miles to Kirwin and an easy steady climb of 1,000 ft. Getting across the river on a motorcycle may require some good off-road skills. A four wheeler will handle it with ease. A bicycle can easily be carried on foot across the Wood River...generally a chilly proposition and usually only ankle to calf deep from late July thru September.

Kirwin to Amelia Earhart's Cabin

From Worland, WY to Kirwin aboard the Yamaha WR250x.

Grizzlies, Mountain Lions, Predators, and Other Dangerous Creatures at Kirwin

The Kirwin area and the Shoshone National Forest has many grizzlies. I highly recommend bear spray and a firearm. When traveling to Kirwin by a 4x4, we bring along a 45-70 Marlin Guide Gun. When arriving by motorcycle, the back-packable KelTec SU16c . And on a mountain bike, the super light KelTec P17.

Future trips will feature a Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Compact 10mm...a much better cartridge for dealing with an angry, hungry, and charging Griz. While Grizzlies are dangerous, far more people (tourists) are killed by Moose than Griz. Another dangerous predator in Wyoming is the mountain this predator and you should prepare to fight for your life. No playing dead. But the absolute most dangerous creature is probably the mosquito, so make sure to have insect repellent handy.

And while self defense tools are cool and fun, you're far more likely to save your life or the life of a loved one with a quality trauma or "stop the bleed" kit. Check out Mountain Man Medical

Is the bear's behavior defensive or predatory?