Lynda Memorial

December 4th 1962 --- Murdered April 2nd 2008

Garrard Central Record Newspaper article

When she was young I remember Lynda, dad and I going on hikes. Tiny Lynda, though beautiful and charming wasn't known for being graceful. If even a twig was in her path, she would trip over it. I think maybe it wasn't so much clumsiness but due to being so small that she was always looking up to dad and I.

Our childhood friends reminded me of how young Lynda, due to being so short, could run right under the kitchen table. She would dash from table leg to table leg as the bigger kids circled around. She'd end up clinging to a table leg screaming with delight, peering up and out at all the big kids who couldn't maneuver with any speed in her domain.

I'll always remember the tilt of her head, the smile, and the eyes bright with amusement as she'd look at me when sharing something peculiar about the universe or the amusing antics of someone as if just we two were capable of sharing in the hilarity.

Lynda's brother, MAL