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Why Wyoming?

Just a tiny bit of evidence confirming my claims that Wyoming residents are better, in general, than the populations of other states.

I was browsing the Gunowners of America web site and reviewing their ratings of U.S. Congressmen, both House and Senate. GOA honestly names the better Congressmen and condemns the worst.

Just using eyeball approximations, I "averaged" the ratings of each state's Representative and Senator. Of all fifty states, only Wyoming came out with an unscathed "A" rating. Montana, Idaho, Nevada and, surprisingly, Arkansas each would have earned "A" ratings were it not for their Senators.

Anyway, take a gander at this map. Yeah, California is gone. And so is the east coast. I was astounded at how poorly the southeastern states and Oregon scored. Here's how it is folks. Wyoming looks to be the "stronghold" of freedom. Idaho, Montana, and Nevada could use some reinforcement as could Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Maybe there is hope for Kansas and Oklahoma. But if you live in any of the remaining states, please evacuate now. With your help we can rescue the west. Leave the looting, gun grabbing bastards to their just deserts...Escape Now!

1999 Map

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1998 Map

12/20/1997. SitRep submitted by Mark Laughlin:

I went to a gun show today (in Houston, TX) and was chatting with the local Gun Owners of America rep at his booth and mentioned that I plan to return to Wyoming. The guy next to me overheard our conversation and said "Hey, I'm from Wyoming." Foolish me I didn't write down his name, trusting it to memory, but remember his first name was xxxx and he's from Evanston and works for xxxx an oil exploration company.

You know it sounds so bizarrely coincidental considering that there are only 500,000 people in Wyoming and moreover that there are only around 15,000 who call Evanston home. Nonetheless, I am not THAT shocked. You see I rather believe the chance meeting reinforces exactly what I've been saying for years about the people of Wyoming. They are independent, and they are armed. Therefore it makes sense that if I am to stumble across a Wyomingite in Houston, it is most probable that I discover him at a gun show and moreover at the table of the most radical RKBA organization, Gun Owners of America.

The following is an anonymous report:

Wish you could have been up here in Fremont County at the last commission meeting. It was a doosy. Enough citizens have had their belly full of the BLM and their new rules that they have actualy been able to get the commissioners to question the legality and authority of the BLM acting in a police role. Seems as though in Wyoming the Federal Govt. can't step in and act as a law enforcement agency but must work under Local Jurisdiction. The atmosphere at the meeting was such that when the one (liberal) commissioner asked "don't you trust us" there was a resounding chorus of 60 plus voices shouting as one "NO!

Big Horn Sheriff Enforces Constitution

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