Establishing UIA

Establishing The United Individualists of America

by Mark A. Laughlin

Copyright © by Mark A. Laughlin

It is not going to happen. There is no short or long term hope of a return to a Constitutionalist government in the US. This means the slide to full, unmitigated totalitarianism will continue unabated. Your income taxes will continue to soar, regulations will multiply, and your arms will be confiscated.

With the exception of the Rocky Mountain west, the people of this country are, at their Republican Party best, imbued with a collectivist/conservative mentality and, at their worst, infected with an incurable anti-rational Marxist/Environmental Nazi sense of life. Everyone seems to have his own little neurotic idea of what must be imposed upon his fellow man for the sake of security, safety or the general welfare.

We can argue, reason and plead our case and even if the "masses" momentarily "agree" with us, the next day they will fall prey to the leftist sound bite assertions. Their minds are mush. They are gone...long gone. You have seen it, I am sure, the mush that causes them to agree with whatever proposition that sounds "respectable." The blind unwillingness to judge and then state that the pronouncements of some "respectable" sounding statist are in fact evil.

But the Rocky Mountain west offers hope. The people of Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and a few other states (and, perhaps, some western Canadian provinces) still have a certain individualist sense of life. The harsher environment of this region creates a barrier that resists penetration by the looter/moocher mentality. The majority of the citizens in these states watch with horror as the corrupt eastern seaboard and California threaten to pull us into the collectivist abyss.

Many hope to head off the barbarian stampede to oblivion and save the whole United States. It is too late; philosophically and politically the USA is the 50 car train and the locomotive has already leapt into the abyss. The last ten cars have their airbrakes locked down while the passengers in most of the other cars raise their glasses in a toast. Do we valiantly drag our heels as we ourselves are pulled into the abyss by the sheer weight of the looter's democracy? Or do we unhitch the cars, lock the brakes on, and preserve those who seek honest freedom?

We cannot save the whole, but we can preserve a part and resurrect a beacon of liberty and a refuge for the world's individualist...we can save the west. We can save the west by severing our ties with the corrupt, collectivist east.

If the idea of secession frightens you, keep in mind that secession is not really the right term. We are not rejecting the USA (as defined by the Constitution), but culling out those who have long since abandoned those ideas. We will offer refuge to all individualist escaping the collapsing east while offering nothing to those who demand handouts. We will expel the east and California from the union. This new, individualist union will be known as The United Individualist of America.

We don't adopt the pogroms of collectivist states, but leave them to their own devices. Those who hunger for a security noose will be encouraged to emigrate to the statist United States of East America. If they believe that government may properly take the property/earnings of one and give it to another, if they believe that people should not be allowed to own guns, if they believe the government should "care" for its people, then they will be free to move elsewhere.

Citizens of The UIA will no longer be liable for federal income taxes and social security. Conversely, they will no longer have recourse to legalized plunder. No agents of ATF, FBI, DEA, INS, FDA, FCC, FAA or any other Federal agent of the USA will be permitted to harass citizens of The UIA without swift retribution.

If the old, corrupt USA attempts to compel The UIA to suffer a militarily enforced return to totalitarianism, we must "passively" permit their stormtroopers to penetrate our borders. We will gain nothing by engaging a military adversary in pitched battles. Instead, if it reaches this point, UIA operatives will "go Bowman."

No one WANTS to give up the whole, but when gangrene takes root one cannot wish it away. The infected tissue must be separated from the healthy. We must recognize that there is no hope for the east, but the west might still be salvaged...a tiny Israel like refuge for capitalism in a collectivist world.

I believe an economic catastrophe is imminent (within the next 5-6 years) and that it will result in some very turbulent times. If we do not prepare, there will be no refuge for individualist. We must begin preparations today.

If you are ready to tell the corrupt east to go buck themselves (and they will) and leave you alone, then I need to hear from you. I spent seven years in Wyoming and I have sailed the eastern seaboard, I know what I am talking of. The east is bowed and ready to obey the voice of authority. The people of Wyoming, while not philosophically whole, are irascible individualist by comparison. We can win back our freedom and our rights, but only if we focus on that which is still salvageable.

The rewards of success are great: our freedom and economic prosperity.

Dr. Michael Hart's speech RACIAL PARTITION OF THE UNITED STATES argues for one possible partition plan for the U.S. In my less optimistic moments, I fear such a plan might be the only means to prevent "a Bosnia in our future."