The Diet of Predators

Fat and Cholesterol are not necessarily your enemies...

might even be your friends

Excerpted from Neo Tech web page

Research for the Canadian Air Force in the 1960s compiled and implemented scientifically sound facts about human metabolism, health, and physical fitness. That study identified the objective causes of damaging one's metabolism to breed unhealthy weight gains that lead to demoralizing stagnation, decreasing happiness, and early death.

Then in the early 1970s, Dr. Robert C. Atkins converted the Canadian Air Force findings into the best-selling, most effective diet book ever published: The Diet Revolution[ 76a ]. The eternal fact underlying Dr. Atkins' diet is that carbohydrates combined with poor aerobic fitness -- not calories, oils, or fat per se -- cause unsavory weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other health problems. For, the human body does not naturally metabolize concentrated carbohydrates. In fact, above certain modest quantities, carbohydrates are both poisonous and addicting to human beings.

Human beings are natural carnivores, not herbivores. Human beings are natural meat or protein eaters, not vegetarians or carbohydrate eaters. Human beings naturally metabolize proteins along with fats and oils. Thus, natural foods include meat, poultry, fish, cheese, nuts, butter, cream, eggs, low-starch vegetables, and high-fiber cereals. While corn, sweet fruits, potatoes, pastries, pastas, and breads are troubling foods for human metabolism. All concentrated carbohydrates are harmful above modest levels, especially the most concentrated, purest form of carbohydrate -- sugar in all its forms, including fructose, honey, and corn-syrup sweeteners. ...Sugar, a heavily government-subsidized industry, is subtly the most addicting, toxic, and deleterious drug known to afflict the human body...and mind.

Sugar is the crack cocaine of the carbohydrate drugs. Sugar is by far the biggest killing substance among human beings today. Such concentrated carbohydrates lie at the root of most eating disorders, discipline problems, concentration deficiencies, moodiness, unhappiness, depression, sloth, poor performance, and criminal behavior. Indeed, without exaggeration, the most insidiously harmful of child abusers and drug pushers are parents who addict their defenseless children with sugar in all its forms.

Those are facts: facts now, facts before, facts forever. Sitting in that ice-cream parlor, you realize why Americans today are increasingly throwing away their health and happiness. You realize they are increasingly mutilating their bodies and trashing their minds through endless upside-down "health" diets, government-subsidized nutritional frauds, bogus low-fat school lunch programs, and dishonest government-backed, survey-type pseudo science. Those frauds along with the FDA maliciously work to harm the physical and mental health of all Americans and their children.

In the 1970s and 1980s, increasing numbers of people directly or indirectly recognized the universal, objective facts about diet and health. Development and sales of sugar-free food and drinks escalated. But, today, observe how sugar-free foods are vanishing in favor of meaningless low-fat, low-cholesterol, organic "natural" foods -- politically correct foods. Fat-free, sugar-laden cookies and brownies are sold as "healthy" foods while the most benign and effective of the nonsugar sweeteners, cyclamates, are dishonestly banned by power-crazed FDA bureaucrats...and the harmless sugar-substitute saccharine is irrationally labelled as cancer-causing by the FDA, leaving only the dubious NutraSweet® unscathed.

Today, as the public obsession with irrational food consumption and bogus fat-free diets grows, the per capita intake of toxic carbohydrates soars. Indeed, consumption of sugar and carbohydrates is now accelerating as people are deceived with illusions generated by the government, FDA, and bogus health advocates. Their dishonest deceptions dupe people into believing they are eating healthier by eating low-cholesterol, low-fat carbohydrates. In the meantime, they and their children are increasing their carbohydrate intakes and addictions. Thus, they grow fatter while irreversibly damaging their metabolic systems, leading to glandular harm, uncontrolled fatness, and mounting unhappiness.

Next, consider Dr. Kenneth Cooper's great, scientifically grounded research in the 1960s concerning physical fitness and his subsequent book, Aerobics. From that book, Americans freely, on their own, began a rational trend toward genuinely improved physical fitness and happiness. For, in the 1970s and 1980s, without the blatherings of government "experts" or self-appointed "health" advocates, the two natural criteria of a healthy human body were being increasingly understood: Human beings are by nature (1) protein metabolizers and (2) long-distance running animals.

Yet, today, sales of near worthless, non-aerobic exercise devices, health-club memberships, low-fat diet books, and "anti-aging" pills are soaring. Fewer and fewer people are keeping aerobically fit to remain trim and happy into old age. ...The key to human health and longevity is low-carbohydrate diets combined with aerobic fitness. The key to human dietary happiness is the CAS diet -- no Caffeine, no Alcohol, no Sugar.

Observe the increasing political-correctness machinations combined with government-funded, pseudo-science "research" in the form of noncontextual surveys. Today's avalanche of lazy, dishonest "science" is why objective knowledge about health, fitness, and happiness is being lost in a sea of irrationality -- forgotten in a contradictory blizzard of bogus, survey-type health "discoveries".

Today is like reentering the Dark Ages that were dominated by dishonest religious Establishments similar to today's dishonest political Establishments. During that period of extreme irrationality, knowledge about health and prosperity was lost or sequestered. Life expectancy plunged, for example, to less than half that experienced in the previous, more-rational Golden Age of Greece.

Today's period of increasing irrationality blocks public knowledge of the destructive political agendas diminishing everyone's precious life. For example, government promotes public dependency and control by increasing drug-like carbohydrate consumption in the form of low-fat, low-cholesterol, sugar-laced foods and drinks. As people become carbohydrate addicted, unfit, and unhappy, they lose self-esteem and seek ever more dependency on authorities supplying good-sounding "easy answers". ...Consequently, the first major product totalitarian and communist governments allow into their countries is the insidious sugar-laced caffeine drug, Coca-Cola(R). ...Such governments show no interest in importing healthy, sugar-free, caffeine-free beverages.

I have followed the diet outlined by Dr. Atkins for almost two years now [1996]. While I was only ten pounds overweight, my blood cholesterol level was high (over 300). For two years I have been eating least six eggs daily along with lots of steak, shrimp and select vegetables. I rarely eat bread, most fruits or anything with sugar. My blood cholesterol recently tested at 211 with my HDL (the good cholesterol) at good levels. And the ten pounds is history even though I eat lavishly (like 3,000 calories daily). Several times a week I fix a pudding dish made of cream (the real, fat stuff) and cream cheese. I eat till stuffed.


Calorie Restriction as a means of extending your life. Interesting, Dr Walford's animal research shows that calorie restricted but nutritionally complete diets can increase lifespan by 50%! Moreover animal research suggests unusual results regarding exercise:

While animals on normal diets without exercise didn't live as long as the animals on normal diets with exercise and while the animals on calorie restricted diets without exercise lived longer than those with normal/exercise diets, the animals on the calorie restricted diets without the exercise regime live longer that all of them.


Angelo Coppola speculates as to the differences between diets that improve virility and those that increase longevity.

Dr. Robert C. Atkins The Diet Revolution

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For type B blood types (like my family) this diet largely parallels Dr. Atkins' diet. I'd like to hear from type A, O and AB's as to how effective the particular diets outlined in this book are for you.

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L. Neil Smith Pallas.

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