UIA - Things You Can Do

The UIA is wholly dependent upon your efforts. Do what you can when you can. Ideally, our efforts will bring about a radically free Wyoming in an increasingly free U.S.A. But if the worst happens and the U.S. staggers on into totalitarianism, perhaps we will have preserved a tiny mecca of freedom for all of us to retreat to.

Lets get on with the task of creating a world in which our efforts are focused on living our lives and not the blizzard of proclamations spewed forth by public servants.

  • Begin plans to relocate to Wyoming...or at least consider it.

  • If you live in WY, become a "Group" leader for your region.

  • Become a member of one of the two major parties to assist in making the freedom philosophy mainstream.

  • Move your business to WY.

  • Subscribe to a Wyoming Newspaper and write frequent letters to the editor.

  • Tickle your curiosity: visit the Tetons, Yellowstone, Flaming Gorge, or the Wind River Range. Go skiing in Park City, UT and take I-80 up the Wasatch Front into Wyoming. Take a virtual tour on the web.

  • Visit Wyoming web sites and leave a message for the WebMaster that includes an individualist meme.

  • Send messages to leading individualist writers and thinkers encouraging them to find themselves teaching and writing in Wyoming.

  • Subscribe to The Resister. This publication by members of the Special Forces Underground is more about creating a philosophical uprising than an armed one. These guys are masters. Learn from them.

  • Pick out a Wyoming Library and make sure it features the essential books on liberty.

  • Really think about this. Do you want to continue your almost fruitless efforts to toss out a city council that bans titty bars, an effort that will be forgotten in months by the weak minded people in your current community. Or are there other people more worthy of your time, effort and focus? People who, at the least, posses an individualist sense of life.

  • Buy a ranch in Wyoming, one where you can fire your rifle off the back porch in any direction and hit no one but trespassers...then invite me.

  • Order a Wyoming made Freedom Arms revolver.

  • Read The West at war with itself by Karl Hess, Jr.

Wyoming Newspapers

Uinta County Herald PO Box 210, Evanston, WY 82931-0210, (307) 789-6560

The Riverton Ranger (307)856-2244

The Dubois Frontier, 8 Stalnaker, Dubois, Wyoming 82513, (307) 455-2525

Casper Tribune

Buffalo Bulletin, Robb Hicks, 58 N. Lobban, P. O. Box 730, Buffalo, WY 82834, (307)684-2223

The Bounty (online) Sheridan newspaper w/classifieds