2003 Newmar Kountry Star

2024 Walkthru. First entry is with main slide tucked in. Very functional even with slides in unlike many fifth wheels. Second entry is with main slide extended. In cab, you can see the black, square steel crossbeam added to stiffen the front. Also cable and turnbuckle to tension windshield cap toward driver's side. Second clip shows Backup camera mounted on this crossbeam. 

Field expedient repairs and back home after all of the excitement
Center strip
Lower Driver Windshield
Upper Driver Side
Upper Passenger Side
After field expedient repairs the passenger side took a rock on Hwy 59

Amazing Workhorse chassis with reliable,  strong 8.1 liter gas engine.  Easy and affordable to maintain (Vs Diesel). 

Factory brochure

Alison transmission has been flushed and updated with TES285.

Engine AC is good and one roof AC units is good.  

Propane furnace and water heater. 

Roof TV antenna. 

Updated dash LCD screen. 

High pressure air compressor to manage the coach tires. 

6500 watt Generac Generator

Recently added slide jacks to support main slide

All LED cabin lights. 

Golf cart house batteries. 

Bluetooth stereo. 

Bluetooth OBD connector. 

USB ports on dash and in bedroom. 

K&N air and oil filters.   

Quality ceramic spark plug wires. 

Ethanol resistant fuel pump. 

Double pane windows. 

Hydraulic levelers. 

Receiver hitch.

Automatic electric steps. 

Awnings all around. 

Queen bed in bedroom. 

Sofa bed in living area. 

Recliner/rocker and cockpit chairs by Flexsteel. 

Everyone who visits marvels at how nice she is inside. 

Chrome wheel covers (we toured with out them, so they are not in most photos) We have a unique tool to remove wheel lugnuts, kind of a lugnut/wrench winch. Without it field tire repair is improbable. 

Newmar's construction has proven very solid. The Workhorse chassis handles well. Great support online. Detailed user manual including video.

In two years we replaced the AC compressor, the alternator, the spark plugs once, the plug wires twice, the fuel pump (needlessly, plug wires were at fault), and (after replacing a few serpentine belts) the harmonic balancer. 

Oil changes every 3,000 miles. We get 8-9 mpg on highway and 6-7 in town. A good tailwind earns 14. We never push it hard. Some drivers peg their engine on mountain climbs with their exhaust manifold glowing red. We take it easy, let it crawl steep climbs in low gear. When descending we also take our time. 

The coach is way more maneuverable than one might think.  With some motorcycle scouting and careful planning, we crossed Union Pass from Green River Lake to Dubois, WY. We also explored the spectacular Lost Coast Highway (the most treacherous highway in the lower part)  in northern CA....again with considerable pre run scouting.

I purchased the coach in 2015 from CampingWorld. I had a terrific experience with them. They showed me how to operate the coach's many features. Save the dealer commission and I will not only show you how to operate it, but how to maintain it and the little issues to watch for. 

This is an astonishingly comfortable motorcoach.

Digital nomad ready with RV Wi-Fi bridge (Ubiquiti Rocket M mounted on ladder sucks in distant Wi-Fi signals and delivers to an interior Wi-Fi hotspot) We once sucked in a Wi-Fi signal from 2.4 miles away...granted it was an unobstructed shot across the water to a city park access point high on a tower.  More commonly used to repeat the signal from Walmart's Wi-Fi.