Early Rider Big Foot 12

Early Rider Test Pilot Review

Early Rider Big Foot 12 Review

Review video for those who are not quite sure if they want to purchase the Early Rider Big Foot 12 or maybe another premium brand or a bargain brand. Watch our Early Rider Big Foot 12 review. Access is only $2.

How a premium balance bike will prove no more expensive than a bargain brand.

Why you might want a full framed bike rather than the single down tube frame of some competitors.

Who do you want your kids to grow up to be and how the choice in balance bike just might tip the balance.

Pneumatic tires vs foam rubber.

Assembly and Setup

The Early Rider Big Foot 12 (or Charger 12)

AKASO Kids Bike Helmet, Multi-Sport Toddler Helmet for Cycling Skateboard Scooter, Adjustable Child Helmet for Age 1-8

Bell Sidetrack Child & Youth Bike Helmet

Don't go for too large of a helmet since that positions the shell distant from your child's head providing more leverage for rotation impacts.

We have not yet tested these gloves. But one of the key features I'm seeking is no padding in the palm. Toddlers already have small hands and a glove that is too thick just makes getting a good grip and operating brake levers too difficult.
Terrific, first "bike" for babies/toddlers from 1-2 years old.
Imagine your spouse or child died because you lacked this the tools and training to save their life. Important info. Excellent and free online Emergency Trauma Course....About one hour to complete to prevent a lifetime of regret.