Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
MAL - 02/09/2019

Recently a very intelligent friend wrote an open letter to AOC offering to meet and discuss. My friend is real bright guy, an International Speculator, (I am but a US speculator) he described AOC as seeming "intelligent”. I was skeptical on that last point, but decided to spit some hope into the wind and shared the article and tagged AOC encouraging her to take him up on his offer.

Since then, the idiocy of AOC has reached astonishing in third grade levels of intelligence. I don’t want to recap the whole Green New Deal thing, plenty of others have piled on in glee, but rather take a look at just how did AOC get to this point.

Frankly, the idiocy has been so epic, that I have not ruled out the possibility that AOC is a right wing plant inserted into the Washington DC circus to discredit the Democrat party. I do know that there are many on the right (particularly on the Q side of things) who advocate the idea “never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself” so even if she is not a plant, the right is glad to exploit the self-destructive aspect of her idiocy.

Another possibility I cannot completely rule out is that maybe AOC is purposefully generating the idiot image so that her opponents underestimate her...the whole Sun Tzu “when strong, make your enemy think you are weak” idea.

I do not know AOC, so I could be totally mistaken in my characterization of her. Maybe she is one of those high IQ people who turn their brain power to the task of rationalizing all manner of stupidity oblivious to their package deals or stolen concepts. I know that was a path I wandered for many years (Maybe I still am).

However, the more likely explanation is that AOC is actually a pretty low IQ woman..maybe an IQ of 80-90...the range common in the criminal population...the “one marshmallow now” group.

And it is here that I am most curious. Genetic? Environment?

IQ and genetics and everyone gets all paranoid and assumes racism. I have no idea of AOC’s race, maybe she is of a race that has, on average, a lower IQ..that still leaves open the question is it race genetic or race culture. I have seen some suggestions that some races are hindered by childhood nutrition issues that are exacerbated by exposure to certain parasites - a possibility that will never be evaluated in today’s racephobic environment.

Nonetheless, my suspicion is that AOC’s idiocy is not race genetics or race culture or parasite/nutrition. I propose that her personal intellectual development was undermined by being surrounded by pathetic NYC INCELs. In other words, the pathetic males in the NYC area, coddled AOC with their white knight praise and gave her a “leg up” into the House of Representatives. All these, eager to please, beta males, hoping to be her “friend,” and get into her pants told her over and over “you are so intelligent” and coddled clear a path to the top. I do know that I have personally witnessed legions of pathetic males that play that game and the anxiety ridden, neurotic women who are eager to lap it up.

But this is just me speculating. And I am speculating in an area (IQ) for which I have just a little interest or knowledge. But it is a something that might be amusing to investigate if the USA continues down the IdiocrAOCy path.

This speculation (I admit that I can not see into the minds of other people), but I wonder if this might explain why there have been no civilizations that survived this kind of political emoting.

How can we tweak things so that a civilization can survive and yet keep women politically franchised? A couple of options come to mind. 1. Men get tough and ruthlessly call out women who engage in nurture politics. OR 2. Girls are raised in a non-coddling, non-"daddy's little princess" environment. Of course there are second order effects that must be considered if adopting either of these paths.

Ultimately, I believe this whole problem is within the "walking unfocused" population. How do we survive the unthinking? Do we encourage the K-selected to contain the r-selected?

Am I a patriarchal asshole? I do not think of myself that way. In my opinion the greatest philosopher is Ayn Rand. I hold great admiration for history/myths of Hypatia and Queen Eleanor. I admire many modern thinking women, one that started a school and is teaching kids, boys and girls, to think. Another that has written with admiration of (masculine?) achievement in sports. Others that preserve great, romantic, man glorifying works of art. And even a few others who "simply" think "outside of the box" enough to find happiness in simple living....simple rural living or simple mobile living.

Ultimately my view is that thinking, focused people of any race or either sex are the ideal...and come to remarkably similar conclusions about ethics and the proper function of government. I believe that it is only within the "walking unfocused" that we see the exhibition of reptilian brain stem levels of differences between sexes and maybe the races.

It is probable that there is some IQ level that is required to rise from the unfocused masses. What that level is, I do not care to speculate, but I believe (or at least hope) that with some focused effort those with IQ's as low as 80 are capable of becoming thinking, focused human beings.