American Mobile Enclave

How do you live free in an unfree world?

How do you stop supporting the parasites and destroyers of liberty?

Get rid of your real estate based presence. Stop paying property taxes that are used to indoctrinate children in government run camps.

Establish a stealth, mobile lifestyle. Less stress. Escape the rat race.

Hike, backpack, bike, motorcycle, power yacht, sailboat, dirigible, airplane, or spaceship. Become a permanent traveler/tourist.

American Mobile Enclave will be an affordable subscription service to provide unique services for the mobile, pro-freedom lifestyle.

We want an American Mobile Enclave app that will allow us to meet with fellow freedom nomads at all manner of freedom oriented events....Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinics, liberty conferences, western philosophy gatherings, and Libertarian and Conservative meetups. Ultimately we want the app to be full Peer to Peer so that we can not be undermined by the neo-totalitarians in control of ICANN.

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